Music Events

Keep an eye on our social media platform to find out about our next music event. Our venue turned out to be a great success for hosting music band because of the enchanting surroundings, atmosphere, and acoustics. We're also open to hear from you in case you'd like to perform or host your own music event. Our events cover all type of music from traditional Hindu to traditional Greek and from fusion jazz to

Event Planning

Casa Mespilea can organize small events of various nature such as poetry and lounge music compilations, book presentations, art and photography exhibitions, yoga practices and well being activities. Gastronomy lessons and food tasting accompanied with wine tasting of local and Greek wines can be organized in groups of 5-10 persons only.


Plan your wedding in a serene Mediterranean environment and invite your family and close friends to enjoy together these happy moments.Max 28 adults and 3 kids not less than 12 years old,or 30 adults and 1 kid not less than 12 years old. We can also organize a photographer to register these moments to remember.


Personalise your catering for special events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries for max.25 persons.